Tamika Shuler Washington is a graduate of Benedict College and has lived her professional life as an educator, trainer, business owner, and speaker. In 2018, she and her husband founded Converspace to be the place for business owners to start, grow and scale their businesses. Converspace is an innovative virtual office space that offers office space, meeting space, and virtual office services for organizations and business owners.

She is a published author of two books, “The Busy Woman’s Guide to Faith” and “Girl, Let’s Pray”. She is currently working on her next title to debut spring 2024. You can find her featured in publications like SwagHer magazine, Voyager ATL, and Glambitious magazine.

In 2022, Tamika was elected to the local school board as a School Board Commissioner, where she advocates for recruiting and retaining teachers, successful student outcomes, and partnerships with local businesses in the community.

Tamika enjoys speaking, contributing articles, and providing consulting services to established business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level. She is the wife of a school administrator and has two daughters. Tamika is inspired to lead with love and faith and is ever passionate about helping others lead with faith in life, business, and leadership.